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When I was preparing for my first “52 Times” food photo session, I was looking for a very special, unique idea and a subject which would be appropriate to launch the project. I wanted something which would best describe the project, where I could present different foods in a way that I have never photographed them before.

Then I came up with an idea which helped me to fulfil my long-standing dream: to tastefully combine food and fashion in a beautiful way to tell the warm story about dinner with friends through one person. That is what this whole project is about. This time I paid more attention to the surroundings and details – how to create an atmosphere where all of the elements and the food would integrate perfectly.

Patricija and Ali Gadžijevai, founders of “Ali šokoladinė”, were the first ones I invited to join me on this project. Ali was one of the first chefs whose ingenuity and recipes inspired me to experiment in my own kitchen. His desserts (Ali, your talent in doing so is amazing!) have set the bar so high that if my family wants something delicious I am now forced to strive for stratospheric levels as all other desserts are not nearly good enough anymore!

Patricija, who has experience in the modelling world, was a perfect fit for the girl’s character who initially appears a little bit bored whilst waiting for her friends that happen to be running late. After they arrive she enjoys the food and chills out after dinner. Finally, late at night, when everyone is about to leave she remembers that there is still the dessert which remains untouched.

Every dish was presented in unique pop-style surroundings alongside clothes and accessories superbly crafted by talented Lithuanian designers. This has all been presented amongst aesthetic minimalist Scandinavian interior design details and decorations (thank you Skandiamo!) Each of them are wonderfully expressive and symbolic. Those who look deeper into all of those details may well find themselves able to interpret this dinner story in their own special way.

For the first weekend of the new year Ali Gadžijevas suggests 4 easy-to-make dishes: the appetizer with goat’s cheese, mussels in curry sauce, a drink made of berries and a meringue dessert called Pavlova. Ali says that this delicious dessert is one of the best “Ali šokoladinė” bestsellers.

Enjoy the photos and recipes for the first of the 52 weeks! So long until next time where we will enjoy a different adventure together – the journey is just to begin.

Photography, idea and style: Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes: Ali Gadžijevas, Ali šokoladinė
Model: Patricija Žuromskytė-Gadžijeva
Interior details: Skandiamo
Clothes and accessories: Laura Dailidėnienė (Dailidesign), D.efect, Atuko, Egzotique
Music: SoundCloud grojaraštis

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