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Raspberry drink – 52 Times
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Raspberry drink

Raspberry drink

This drink which is made from lyophilized berries and can be prepared both hot and cold. A hot drink will warm you up in the cold of winter whilst the cold raspberry drink is deliciously refreshing on sunny summer days.


  • 8 tablespoons lyophilized raspberries
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • 800 g hot or cold water



1. Use the blender to grind the lyophilized raspberries until powdered.

2. In a bowl mix the powdered raspberries with the honey and pour the hot or cold water into the mixture. If you are making a cold drink do not forget to use ice cubes.

“Lyophilization, also known as the freeze-drying process, is becoming an increasingly popular way to preserve foods. That is why it is called the preservation method of the future. Lyophilized berries and other foods preserve almost all of their vitamins, original colour, taste and smell. Although initially lyophilized foods were produced just for the space industry the situation is changing. Nowadays freeze-dried products are becoming more popular and you can find lyophilized fruits and berries on regular supermarkets shelves.

Raspberry drink