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#44 Whilst waiting for the holiday season – 52 Times
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#44 Whilst waiting for the holiday season

#44 Whilst waiting for the holiday season

When the first snow of the season appears all of a sudden everything starts to smell like Christmas. This new #44 photoshoot of mine, created with Inga Turminienė, the Chef of the restaurant “Ieti” in Kaunas, is infused with the aroma of crisp, clean snow and a white Christmas.

The colour white was chosen for this theme even though it is not a common background hue to use in a photoshoot. I decided to use various graphic white lines which match so well with nature at this time of year. Inga’s dishes are perfect for both the lead up to the holidays as well as the celebration day itself. Just take a look at the dessert with little fish under the “ice” and the incredibly cute hot chocolate with a Christmas tree perched on the top. Every Sweet Tooth, big or little, will love these delicious beauties!

Let the anticipation of the festive season be both delicious and sweet!

Photography and idea: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Inga Turminienė restaurant „Ieti“

Recipes of #44 time

Ingredients FOR THE TROUT 300g trout fillet 100g salt 40g sugar 300g grated red cabbage 50g vodka     FOR THE SWEET POTATO PUREE 300g sweet potatoes 100ml cream Pinch …

Ingredients 4 duck breasts 2 red onions 4-6 blue potatoes     FOR THE RED WINE SYRUP 300g dry red wine 150g sugar 20g balsamic vinegar     FOR THE …

Ingredients FOR THE HOT CHOCOLATE 1l cream 200g dark chocolate Basil (fresh or dried) 4 biscuits of your choice   FOR THE WHITE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 1l cream 150g white chocolate …

Ingredients PANNA COTTA 150ml milk 150ml heavy cream (30% fat) 80g white chocolate 35g sugar Zest of 3 tangerines 23g loose gelatine   FOR THE TANGERINE DROPS 200ml freshly squeezed …


#44 Whilst waiting for the holiday season