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#43 Deconstructed – 52 Times
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#43 Deconstructed

#43 Deconstructed

Quite often dishes made by the chefs are often reminiscent of a work of art. It even feels inappropriate to eat them as you don’t want to ruin what chef has arranged and sliced so thoroughly. Slicing the ingredients is one of the first tasks when making any dish. But what if everything would be vice versa? Trendy photo collages inspired me to create this unusual photoshoot where the dishes are deconstructed and the plates with the food on them are sliced. I thought why not to try this technique with food photography and here is a new way to capture cuisine!

The dishes of this photoshoot were created by Rokas Vasiliauskas, the chef of the restaurant “Monte Pacis” in Kaunas. Most probably only those ones who are advanced in the culinary arts will dare to make these dishes from A to Z, nevertheless everyone will find some useful ideas on spicing up their menus and adding some new flavours and shapes to them.


Photography and idea: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Rokas Vasiliauskas „Monte Pacis“

Recipes of #43 time

Ingredients FOR THE FISH 2 lamprey fishes 1 garlic clove Thyme sprig Pinch of salt and sugar   FOR THE BEER JELLY 100ml dark beer 1g agar-agar powder 1 teaspoon …

Ingredients 2 black grouse, partridges or quails Few potatoes Lard Few pumpkin slices Few tablespoons honey Handful of cranberries Few big carrots Lemon Few tablespoons butter 4 young beetroots Grape …

The chef recommends various drinks which go well with the lamprey appetizer, for example, vintage champagne, Pinot Gris wine, Lithuanian dry pink gooseberry wine, organic apple pear cider or beer. …

Ingredients FOR THE CARROT SORBET 400ml freshly squeezed carrot juice 40g sugar 20g cream     FOR THE SOURDOUGH BREAD CREAM 100g rye flour 200g water 4 egg yolks 100g …


#43 Deconstructed