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About the project – 52 Times
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About the project

About the project

“52 times” is for everyone who loves good food and wants to feast their eyes on aesthetically pleasing food photos. It’s for those who enjoy lingering evenings with friends tasting delicious new flavours and surprising palatable discoveries, for finding inspiration or simply a good reason to invite friends over to enjoy their company.

A project about good food, food photography and true friendship.
Less promises, more parties
Nowadays as we often rush through our hectic lives we are constantly in a hurry finding only moments here or there to chat with our friends on Facebook. Sadly, more and more this is replacing the way that we used to socialise, meeting up, making real contact and speaking face to face with one another. My wish is that this project of mine, “52 times,” will become a reason to pick up the phone and invite along those friends you haven’t seen for so long to a sumptuous weekend dinner.

Why “52 times”? There are 52 weeks in a year, hence, 52 weekends as well. It means that there are 52 splendid occasions to be able to spend some time with your beloved, dear friends.

Less troubles, more tastes
When you invite friends to your home you want to surprise and treat them to something novel. You’d like to offer them something they have never tried before or perhaps even include them by trying some recipes which you could make together, to find that preparing the food with each other unites and connects, making the evening even more special. By sharing, cooking and tasting foods, we are enjoying the moment. We are right here, right now.
Therefore “52 times” offers a perfect combination of weekend recipes from delicious appetisers to tasty desserts. Each week I will present to you different chefs and their easy-to-make recipes for your wonderful weekend dinner with friends.
As the photographer and the author of this project my hope is to take great photos which will tempt you to feast with your eyes first and whet your appetite. Each time in different way, each time with a new idea and with a depth of feeling that I aim to pass on to you through my pictures, because food photography is my passion.

Less routine, more adventures
Every week you will find here delicious new dinner recipes created by kitchen virtuosos and brought to you by way of original and expressive food photography. Moreover, here you will also find an inspirational column where I will share with you my photo shoots from amazing and unexpected locations which hope to inspire you to enjoy dinner with your friends in such incredible places. My photo shoots will express the magical story about the unique feeling you too can experience when you are with your true friends. When you make your dreams come true. When you find yourself in the place where you’ve always known that you wanted to be.

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About the project