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#28 Old Roof Of Vilnius – 52 Times
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Old Roof Of Vilnius

Old Roof Of Vilnius

I have planned the #28th photoshoot for 8 months, so I couldn’t believe it when my idea, which at first seemed like a “mission impossible”, has been finally fulfilled. This #28th time lifted me up to the sky both figuratively and literally. I walked on the roofs and took pictures of food in such a place where the entire Vilnius Old Town below fitted in the palm of my hand.

Don’t think that this is just the photography. This project of mine is as fascinating as it is because it forces me out of my box every day and into various spheres of life. Every detail of this photoshoot with Javier Lopez, the chef of restaurant “Telegrafas” on a roof top at the Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square was planned and managed by me. It was challenging. I had to take care of everything from the location and table décor, models and clothes, to technical solutions on how to turn on the light bulbs. Not to mention all the organisational matters… But it was worth all the effort. When I got on the roof with an amazing view of all the roofs of our Capital, when the evening dusk took over the warm, sunny, summer day and the city lights turned on, then I realized that my project “52 times” allows me to dive into deeper waters rather than just photography, and set the bar higher each time.

So, this time I present to you the magical and romantic #28th photoshoot on a roof top and wonderful restaurant dishes, which recipes were adapted to make at home by Javier. Take a pleasant look and afterwards don’t forget to indulge your taste buds.

Idea: Robertas Daskevičius
Photography: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Javier Lopez
Place: „Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square“ rooftop
Model: Emilija Voišnytė ir Sandra Jaskevičiūtė
Clothes: Diana Paukštytė
MUA: Julija Estko
Decor: Skandiamo, Bang&Olufsen, Choco lemputės
Special thanks: Audrius Solominas, Deimantas Kučinskas

#28 karto receptai

Ingredients 200 g salmon 100 g beetroot 1 lemon 6 carrots 100 ml sesame oil Salad leaves Salt, pepper 30 g caviar 10 g Japanese seasoning Furikake or a little …

Ingredients 700g sea bass 150g buttermilk 10g agar-agar powder Small vegetables which are in season Seasoning herbs Lemon   Servings:4Level: easy 1. In a pot of hot water gently boil …

Ingredients 600 g strawberries 50 g mint 150 ml lemon juice 15 g palm sugar Ice cubes     Servings:4Level: easy 1. Mash together strawberries, sugar and lemon juice. Add …

Ingredients FOR THE FILLING 300g peeled pears 150g sugar 70g honey 100g water 2g agar-agar powder     FOR THE HONEY BISCUIT 35g butter 40g sugar 53g egg (1 egg) …


Old Roof Of Vilnius