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#21 Colours of the flavours – 52 Times
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#21 Colours of the flavours

#21 Colours of the flavours

During the course of my first meeting with the chef Matas Paulinas I discovered that the 21st photo session would connect together both flavours and colours. The idea was to create something with food using the shades of many colourful pencils which I had imagined for some time. I believed that my idea would suit Matas, the chef of the new restaurant in Kaunas “Numan”, and his philosophy of food. I was right. Matas supported the idea enthusiastically and I left the first meeting with a plan where we envisaged how specific dishes would go with certain colours.

As the basis of this new “52times” photo shoot we chose the main colours of the RGB colour model – red, green, blue and the white with all of their possible shades which would lend their vibrancy to our project. Then we matched the dishes. In this way my new, graphic, colourful and unexpected photo session with dramatic lighting was born.

This endeavour is all about the flavours and colours for those who want to ratchet up their culinary skills. Matas recipes will be appreciated by gourmets who are in search of new ideas and who are willing to adapt to something more sophisticated in their kitchens. This adventure is for those who wish to discover new culinary secrets and hear the exclamations of admiration and the question utter from the lips of their guests: “How did you make it?”

Photography Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes: Matas Paulinas, the chef of the restaurant “Numan”

#21 karto receptai

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#21 Colours of the flavours