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#16 Kitchen arithmetic – 52 Times
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#16 Kitchen arithmetic

#16 Kitchen arithmetic

Up until now I have been presenting photographs of prepared meals for this project, so this time I decided to try something different. In a stylish way I wanted to show you what goes into creating the dishes. Therefore, this time, the focus is on the ingredients.

Besides, this kind of kitchen arithmetic is poignant with the school year coming to an end and the Spring which is almost here. A great variety of fresh vegetables and greens appear on the shelves of the market and grocery stores. This gives us the opportunity of experimenting with the food, creating and solving new kitchen arithmetical tasks and then be delighted at the result šŸ˜Š After all, addressing the challenges in the kitchen is tastier than solving mathematical tasks šŸ˜Š

So this week, the chef of restaurant PERI PERI Tomas KlimaŔauskas and I would like to bring your attention to a new #16 time.

Photography, idea, style:Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes: Tomas KlimaŔauskas, chef of chicken restaurant PERI PERI

Recipes of #16 time

Ingredients 1.2 kg bigger shrimps Rapeseed oil A pinch of cilantro       For the marinade 40 g ginger 20 g garlic 40 g shallot 20 g habanero chilli …

Ingredients 1.2 kg boneless chicken thigh meat 1 lime         FOR THE MARINADE 40 g ginger 20 g garlic 40 g shallot 20 g habanero chilli pepper …

Ingredients 4 bananas 4 espresso cups 200 g Greek yoghurt 200 ml milk 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 2 tablespoons honey   Servings:4Level:easy 1. Place chopped bananas in a freezer for …

Ingredients FOR THE WAFFLES 500 g wheat flour 250 g butter 500 ml milk 8 eggs 115 g sugar 100 g Greek yoghurt Vanilla bean     FOR MASCARPONE CREAM …


#16 Kitchen arithmetic