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#9 When spring comes calling at your table – 52 Times
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#9 When spring comes calling at your table

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When the sun’s warming rays finally break through you know that real Spring has arrived, it’s not simply a date on a calendar. You can smell it in the air and with this #9 time Spring demands a place at the table. The chef of “Gaspar’s Restaurant” and “Gaspar’s Gastrolounge” Gaspar Fernandes and I offer you the opportunity this weekend to enjoy this colourful and vivacious photo session of delicious dishes brought to you together with the first highlights of Spring.

The idea of making a photo session with the appropriate hand decorations puzzled me for some time. Since last year, long before this project started, I pondered how to get it just right. I now feel a warm glow of satisfaction in the belief that I was able to bring to life my idea in exactly the same way that I was finally able to imagine it – with lots of colours and short, funny stories which are told by these photos. For the hand decorations I say a big thank-you to my friends from Scandiamo 😊

Leave the winter behind, enjoy bright colours and try these new recipes on the first weekend of real Spring!

Photography, idea and style: Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes: Gaspar Fernandes, the chef of “Gaspar’s restaurant” and “Gaspar’s gastrolounge”
Décor: Skandiamo


A simple appetizer which you can prepare in advance. When your guests arrive just place the potato halves into the oven for a few minutes until the cheese has melted. …

Boost your fortitude with a true vitamin bomb. Fresh tuna fish with spring vegetables is all you need after the long winter months to help bring back vitality. The mild …

A refreshing all-season drink which can perfectly replace the usual table water. Ingredients 8 slices of fresh ginger Few limes Mint leaves 800ml soda   Servings:4Level:easy 1. In each glass …

A tasty dessert which you can alter depending on the season. During winter you can use exotic fruits whilst in summer you can replace them with fresh Lithuanian berries. Ingredients …


#9 When spring comes calling at your table