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Gediminas Endriukaitis

Gediminas Endriukaitis
Gediminas Endriukaitis, chef

5+2 questions:
A tool you use most in your life?
My gaze
What would you include into your ideal day’s menu?
A Sunday, a market place and an evening with family
What spices would you add to your daily routine?
With no-driving
Is the glass half full or half empty for you?
It’s brimful
Who is the sous-chef of your life?
The salt

The best dessert after a long work day?
Haf an hour of total serenity
The recipe of your life?
Fully commit or eat shit!

There is an intriguing Hollywood movie which tells the story of a group of magicians and conveys the idea: “The closer you look, the less you see”. So, don’t be …

Turkey liver pate is a great appetizer for the start of a beautiful evening. Don’t be lazy and this pate will look like… a tomato ☺ A small trick for …

The main dish is unusual and exceptional. For the main and indispensable ingredient, you might need to go to the local market. The chef presents to you not only the …

Beer and mango – truly unexpected combination for an unusual beer cocktail. Ingredients Kokteiliui 0,5 litre wheat beer 1 ripe mango Juice of 2 limes Ice cubes   Servings:2Level:easy 1. …

Everyone who hasn’t a sweet tooth will love this “dessert”. Goat’s cheese tart with caramelised onions, chilli or vegetable sprouts – you can choose your favourite topping and surprise your …