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Adomas Jegnoras

Adomas Jegnoras
Chef of “Drama Burger”

5+2 questions:
A tool you use most in your life?
My persistency
What would you include into your ideal day’s menu?
Time with the closest people and good food
What spices would you add to your daily routine?
Simplicity and truth
Is the glass half full or half empty for you?
I think there is as much water in the glass as it is
Who is the sous-chef of your life?
New journeys and new experiences

The best dessert after a long work day?
Sport, lately - badminton trainings
The recipe of your life?
Do good to others and you’ll get back even more

This is an easy-to-make yet unconventional appetizer that all Asian-flavour lovers will instantly fall in love with. Nobody can stay indifferent to the duet of mild cheese in contrast to …

Slow-baked ribs with an unusual yet delicious marinade – that is what makes these burgers so special. All you need is just a little patience and you will be able …

This is and Asian inspired cocktail with chilli peppers, lime and cucumbers. Ingredientai 100 g sake 2g fresh chilli pepper (4–5 slices) 50 g „Mirin” sauce 20 g cucumber, cut …

This rice pudding would be just a simple pudding if not for the green tea which makes this dessert not only look unusual because of its greenish colour but it …

When I saw the Asian-kitchen inspired recipes suggested to “52 times” by Adomas from “Drama Burger”, the first idea that popped into my mind was to create an urban atmosphere …