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Pavel Koncejalov

Pavel Koncejalov
Paulius Koncejalovas, chef of restaurant „Batoras“

5+2 questions:
A tool you use most in your life?
A wish to be better than others or at least not worse
What would you include into your ideal day’s menu?
The guests of the restaurant who appreciate the food and are pleasantly surprised
What spices would you add to your daily routine?
There are enough spices in my life right now
Is the glass half full or half empty for you?
You can’t survive without optimism, but, of course, there are days when pessimism takes over
Who is the sous-chef of your life?
The wish to be better than others

The best dessert after a long work day?
When I know that my team is perfectly prepared for tomorrows work
The recipe of your life?
If you do something, do it at your best. If you can’t, ask for help or wait till tomorrow.

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