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Gaspar Fernandes

Gaspar Fernandes
Gaspar Fernandes, chef of „Garpar’s restoranas“ and „Garpar’s gastrolounge”

5+2 questions:
A tool you use most in your life?
I never give up
What would you include into your ideal day’s menu?
More hours in a day, at least another 6 more
What spices would you add to your daily routine?
Having proper breakfast
Is the glass half full or half empty for you?
Almost full
Who is the sous-chef of your life?
My fiancee Kristina, she is a real super woman

The best dessert after a long work day?
Coming home and having a meal with Kristina and reflecting about the day
The recipe of your life?
Do what you believe in

When the sun’s warming rays finally break through you know that real Spring has arrived, it’s not simply a date on a calendar. You can smell it in the air …

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