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#4 Inspired by nature

I live near the forest and every time I go for a walk on those rainy Lithuanian winter days, I cannot help but admire the beauty of the silent trees draped in emerald moss. The colours of the forest become incredibly lush and green after the hushed and ancient rains. This kind of nature inspired me to create this #4 photo shoot.

Gnarled branches and old stumps take shelter under the moss, the hanging mist of the forest enshroud the scene – to invoke this atmosphere and idea, Artūras Nadenko, the chef of “Uoksas” restaurant in Kaunas, has crafted his dishes perfectly.

This photo shoot is a little bit different, exceptionally aesthetic, proving that food can be a piece of art on a plate. I suggest viewing these recipes as novel ideas of what ingredients can be combined together, what unexpected and sophisticated dishes can be created. You don’t have to replicate everything you see in the recipes, feel free to improvise.

So this time for the upcoming weekend dinner with friends I present to you a little bit of mystery, secret and appetizing combinations from the hands of another great chef.

Photography and idea: Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes: Artūras Naidenko, „Uoksas”

#4 karto receptai


#4 Inspired by nature