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#50 Ingredients

Most probably every Chef and those who are culinary masters are familiar with the book “Modernist Cuisine,” in which a unique angle displays food almost as if cut in half, and in this way we are shown the origin of the dishes.

Inspired by this my idea and vision were a little bit different on this occasion – to show these ingredients from which these modern cuisine dishes are born. The idea was to display how ingredients, in the same way as a puzzle, come together on a plate as a complete dish. Therefore the photographs of the dishes are graphic and “divided”.

The dishes were created by Aurimas Labanauskas, the Chef of the restaurant “Ingredientai” in Klaipėda.

Have a tasty examination 😊

Photography and idea: Robertas Daskevičius
Dishes: Aurimas Labanauskas, the restaurant “Ingredientai”

Photography and idea: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Aurimas Labanauskas the restaurant “Ingredientai”

Recipes of #50 time


#50 Ingredients