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#41 Some Smoke

Here is my new, already the #41 photoshoot of this project. This time with smoke (as if I could do without it 😊) in an urban background. I was in search of something rather different than the concrete. For the background I needed something urban so I could play with the lines and the light.

The tasty dishes, full of smoke flavours, were made by the well-known Chef in the culinary world Darius Dabrovolskas.

I hope this new photoshoot will draw your attention!

Photography: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Darius Dabrovolskas Vytautas Mineral Spa restaurant „Moon“ chef
Decor: “Sangaida”, “Big Green Egg”
Cutlery: „Cutipol“

Recipes of #41 time


#41 Some Smoke