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#38 Ice age

Have you ever imagined how your kitchen or food might look if the Earth was suddenly plunged into an ice age and everything was covered in ice? This concept encouraged me, Vytautas Pupelis, the chef of the restaurant “Health” and Paulius Orlovas, the guru of “Ledo meistrai” to fantasize and we froze in ice cubes not just the separate ingredients or products but prepared meals in their entirety.

The process was very complicated and time-consuming. In all likelihood this “52 times” project photoshoot has been the longest one of all. If you are curious to see how food frozen in ice looks then take a glance at the photo gallery. If you decide to make these delicious meals at home (no ice needed 😊), all the recipes are to be found here, on the website.

Idea and photography: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Vytautas Pupelis the chef of the restaurant “Health”
Food in ice cubes: “Ledo meistrai”

Recipes of #38 time


#38 Ice age