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Pure Future

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This photoshoot is like a futuristic vision of the future. It was inspired by robots and their ever-improving abilities as well as artificial intelligence which increasingly embraces our daily lives.

Nowadays robots become part of many aspects or various industries in the world, therefore evidently my project couldn’t do without them.

Only this time the chef, not yet a robot (who knows, maybe the robots will prepare our meals in the near future?) creates the delicious dishes. This time robots are only the guests.
I expect my pictures will make you think on how our world will look when more and more robots start walking among us, as people.

Recipes of this photoshoot will allow you to bring a piece of gourmet cuisine to your own kitchen. For example, did you know how to make trendy, fancy berry and fruit caviar at home? Justinas Kapkovičius, the chef of the restaurant “IDW Esperanza Resort & SPA” reveals the secret of how to make fruit caviar easily and how to master other less well-known products in your own kitchen. After all, won’t we need to master the robots in our future lives too?

Photography, idea: Robertas Daskevičius
Recipes: Justinas Kapkovičius chef “IDW Esperanza Resort” of restaurant
Dekor: From restaurant “IDW Esperanza Resort”

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Pure Future