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#22 Hanging

DIA, the restaurant in Kaunas, was one of those which discovered me and my novel way of photography, and proposed to participate in my “52 times” project. Their huge enthusiasm was infectious and their desire was to photograph their innovative methods of preparing food in somehow different and unusual ways This inspired the “hanging” and “falling” photo session to be born. Obviously, both the chef of DIA restaurant, Edgaras Rutkauskas and I tried to escape from the traditional and slightly hackneyed “food in a plate” concept.

At first glance Edgaras’ recipes seem to be traditional, yet with surprising and unexpected ingredient combinations, this genius of food preparation produces dishes which allow one to discover new and exciting flavours in their kitchen and try something never before tasted.

So, this time for your judgement, evaluation and total delight, the #22 photo shooting and recipes.

Photography: Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes, idea: Edgaras Rutkauskas, chef of “DIA”

Recipes of #22 time


#22 Hanging