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#27 Eat Me! – 52 Times
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#27 Eat Me!

#27 Eat Me!

The road from the idea to the final result of this new #27th time has been the longest of all. It straggled along the Liepų Street in Klaipėda to Gediminas and Konstitucijos avenues.

The idea of taking pictures of the food as a work of art on clothes, was a seed in my mind since the beginning of this project and I was wondering with which chef I could fulfil it. Then, in the spring I met with Vytautas Sumavičius. At first just to chat and discuss how he could accede to my project and how his food photo session could look. Vytautas was full of crazy ideas.

“We could take pictures in a railway station or take pictures of food at night in our Liepų Street while cars are passing by,” he shared his thoughts.

We couldn’t decide on anything specific at that time, however I left Klaipėda with the impression that something interesting and unusual could be done with this chef. It then suddenly all began taking shape in my head – the food, the street, the night, something unexpected and my idea to present the food with the focus on clothes.

This is the way the #27 was born, which linked my two passions – food and night photography. Vytautas’ dishes became the prints on T-shirts, one of which I wore myself in the night city. The others were worn by three other gourmets of great life – Monika Pundziūtė (Moniqué), Vytautas Rumšas Jr. and Aidas Puklevičius.

So, another new way of taking pictures of food is born – check!

Photography, idea and style: Robertas Daskevičius
Dishes: Vytautas Samavičius, the chef of restaurants “Monai” and “Momo Grill”
T-shirts are worn by: Monika Pundziūtė (Moniqué), Vytautas Rumšas jaunesnysis, Aidas Puklevičius, Robertas Daskevičius

#27 karto receptai

MARINUOTOS CUKINIJOS SU ŠPROTAIS Ingredients 2 žalių vidutinio dydžio cukinijų 2 geltonų vidutinio dydžio cukinijų 160 g konservuotų aliejuje šprotų 1 skiltelės česnako 2 riekelių ruginės duonos 2 valgomųjų šaukštų …

TUNO KEPSNELIAI Ingredients 600 g tuno 20 g vandenžolių   BULVIŲ PYRAGUI: 8 didelių bulvių 400 g 35% riebumo grietinėlės Sviesto Druskos, pipirų   MĖSOS SULTINIO PADAŽUI: 1 kg jautienos …

NEALKOHOLINIS MOJITO Ingredients ¾ žaliosios citrinos 2 šaukštų rudojo cukraus 11 šviežios mėtos lapelių Gazuoto vandens Grūsto ledo     Servings:4Level: easy 1. Mėtas sutrinkite su cukrumi bei žaliąja citrina, …

PISTACIJŲ, BRAŠKIŲ IR PASIFLORŲ TARTALETĖ Ingredients TARTALETEI 90 g sviesto 130 g miltų 20 g migdolų miltų 40 g cukraus pudros 1 nedidelio kiaušinio     PASIFLORŲ KREMUI: 37 g …


#27 Eat Me!