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#11 Playing in the puddles

Those who know me a little better know that my passion is to take pictures of water. On water, in the water or even under the water.

Water is one of those substances which allows one to play, experiment and which surprises one with unexpected images. So this time I show you images of food which were taken in a manner in which I have never before undertaken.

We splashed the plates. The result of the work of chef Dmitrij Berman and I is fresh, brisk and most importantly, a Spring-inspired photo session.

Enjoy four new recipes with which to have a blast with your friends. By the way, if you are bold enough to prepare the main course you will have a new story to tell your friends. I assure you, they will be impressed.

Photography, idea: Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Recipes: Dmitrij Berman

Recipes of #11 time


#11 Playing in the puddles