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#10 How to rediscover long-forgotten flavours?

This time Martynas Praškevičius, the chef of the best Lithuanian restaurant of 2016, and I, decided to set off on the journey of rediscovering long-known but forgotten Lithuanian flavours, which are pure and true yet unexpected and astonishing.

Martynas is the one who, a few years ago, brought to me the best food photography book of that time and asked me: “Why can’t you do this?”. It was just the beginning of my photography career and the only things I had were the camera and lens. However, I started to look for ways on how to make my photos as good as those which I saw in the book. The bar was raised high.

It is always a pleasure working together with Martynas as I am 100% sure that the food he presents will look excellent on a plate and I will not need to make any re-arrangements. All I have to do then, is to take a good shot.

So, enjoy the new session of photographs and recipes.

Photography, idea and style: Robertas Daskevičius, I4U studio
Venue: Restaurant “Džiaugsmas”
Recipes: Martynas Praškevičius, the chef of “Stebuklai” and “Džiaugsmas” restaurants
Accessories: Linen Tales, “Džiaugsmas” restaurant

Recipes of #10 karto receptai


#10 How to rediscover long-forgotten flavours?