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Gabrielius Zajac

Gabrielius Zajac
Gabrielius Zajac, chef of „Restoranas 4“

5+2 questions:
A tool you use most in your life?
What would you include into your ideal day’s menu?
Long sleep, see and photo camera
What spices would you add to your daily routine?
Is the glass half full or half empty for you?
The water is usually overflows from the glass for me
Who is the sous-chef of your life?
My girlfriend Vesta

The best dessert after a long work day?
The recipe of your life?
No matter how hard, try until you succeed

Ingredients 100g fresh trout fillet 150g beetroot Rye bread Handful of spinach leaves   FOR THE MARINADE 550ml water 75g salt 55g sugar     Servings:4Level:easy 1. Cut the trout …

Ingredients 600g beef loin Oil for cooking Fresh rosemary 2 garlic cloves A few coffee beans Pinch of parsley 1 tablespoon butter 600g baby potatoes   FOR THE SAUCE 1 …

Ingredients 1 espresso cup 40ml rum 40ml coffee liqueur Ice cubes   Servings:1Level:easy 1. Add all the required ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake well until the shaker is …

Ingredients 4 egg yolks 50g sugar 40ml dry red wine Your favourite fresh berries Biscuit crumbs     Servings:1Level:easy 1. Prepare a steam bath. In a medium size pot bring …